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The Primas Group has provided application development, software solutions, and professional services to contact centers since 1994.

Experience, quality, and reliability, have earned us the trust of some of the largest contact centers in the telecom industry.

Our customers choose us because of our comfort in multi-vendor environments, our partnerships with industry veterans and leaders, and our insistence on putting our customer's business needs ahead of technology.

Why Primas?

We aim to partner with you and understand that contact center technology is ultimately a means to an end - to ensure the continued growth and success of your business through satisfied customers and efficient operations.

This attitude, combined with our team, experience and solutions, helps us work with you to bring your contact center to the level of access and ease today's busy customers expect. Read More

Product Focus |

Because dropped calls happen, Primas has developed a solution that automatically detects the fact, places an outbound call to get your customer back on the line, and then reconnect them to the agent that was helping them.

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