Repeat Call Treatment

Repeat Call Treatment is a Primas developed process for dealing with software issues concerning repeat callers. Repeat Call Treatment applies first call resolution processes to a repeat caller maintaining excellent customer service and loyalty. Implementing a repeat call treatment solution from Primas can yield the following benefits:

The greatest benefits to repeat call treatment come from available technology that can locate resources more easily. By identifying a repeat caller within Primas’ Evolution FCR, the repeat caller can be transferred to an agent with specific training or a managed queue with the proper expertise. This has the benefit of using the extensive efficiency and optimization technology within the contact center queues to improve performance.

Another way this can be achieved is by having the integrating software (the LinkScope engine from Primas, for example) perform a series of automated data “dips”, to examine the database for the information needed to route the call to the proper agent. One benefit of Evolution FCR is the real-time notification to a CSR that a caller is indeed a repeat caller. The CSR can immediately see a real-time screen pop on their desktop with valuable customer information like:

Knowing this information ahead of any CRM scripting or even CRM screen pop can dynamically change the way the CSR handles the repeat caller; special attention can be given to the repeat caller and can diffuse hostile interactions and even save a valuable customers business.


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