Are You Tired of Waiting on Hold?

Are You Tired of Waiting on Hold?

When you need to call in for customer support the situation may have already reached a critical stage, for example, maybe the cable is out and you have no Internet. If you work from home that can be catastrophic, so you pick up the phone hoping to get back online for your customer sales call that is starting in 15 minutes.  Well, if you are like many call-in customers to a support contact center, you will be intercepted by some type of auto-attendant device (IVR) before you get to a live person.  Once you have navigated the IVR menu, you will probably be subjected to irritating ads that are too loud and distorted to understand or drop into the bottomless music pit, listening to tunes that will either put you to sleep or slap you in the face with too much bass.

So why don’t more companies invest in technology tools that will end this brutal practice of keeping customers hostage while on hold? I think this would generate incredible customer satisfaction.  One such tool is a solution from Primas called FreedomQ™.  It is a contact center virtual queuing solution that enables callers to keep their place in the queue and get a callback when an agent is available.  How about that?  So in the scenario above, if all of the customer service reps were busy the IVR menu, and customer experience, could be much different. 

Here is how it works: when the expected hold time exceeds a set threshold, customers can hear a message that tells them the expected wait time and gives them the option to “continue to hold or request a callback” in the same amount of time they would have waited on hold, without losing their place in line.  Implementing a FreedomQ solution tells your customers that your company respects their time. It allows them to be productive while a virtual placeholder saves their place in the queue.

There is also a reasonable business case for this type of technology.  It eliminates hold times, reduces costs, and has a fast ROI. Industry analysis of virtual queue technology (ROI) demonstrates:

  • Reduces abandoned calls an average of 50%
  • Increases agent productivity and improves customer service levels
  • Eliminates long hold times, reducing toll costs and abandoned calls
  • Improves the customer experience, contact center efficiency and agent morale

While waiting in the virtual queue, callers are free to go about their business.  When it is the caller’s turn, they receive a callback within the time quoted.  When their phone rings, they are connected with a specialist who has the right skills to handle the call.  Implementing a FreedomQ solution results in a fast ROI and shows your customers that you care and respect their valuable time.

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