Benefits of Great IVR Design

Benefits of Great IVR Design

Automated self-service has become commonplace in contact centers. Not only does it save the contact center valuable human resources, it is also a time saver for customer’s calling in for simple tasks, and lately, more sophisticated transactions. The automated menus can quickly take care of many requests that once required a human to accomplish. Although there are still many customers who dislike “talking” to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, a well-designed system has value, practicality, and is easy to maneuver. If you don’t believe me, measure your IVR system to one of your key competitors and see how you compare. Which system do you think your customer’s would find more accepting and be willing to use?

IVR Benefits

Modern IVR systems are capable of personalizing calls, taking advantage of your own office automation (CRM), and are always available 365 days a year.  Several key benefits:
• Customers get immediate response – time savings
• Handles routine calls and frees agents for more complex transactions
• Enables skill based routing directing callers to the best agent or agent group to handle their transaction
• Collects caller information for agent screen pop when the call is connected
• Using ANI, every customer can receive a personalized message (better customer service)
• Multiple language selection is not an issue

One thing is certain, there will always be changes. Company processes, new management, products or technology are constantly changing. Is your IVR keeping up with those changes and reflected in new menus and other customer focused benefits? Start with design, an IVR is based on a well written, tested script. One common mistake is assigning the design task to a developer and not a design specialist. Over developing a script will make your customer’s frustrated and add additional overhead to your operations. This will add repeat callers that potentially will end up with an agent – in most cases, exactly what you are trying to avoid.

A good design must focus on a human approach: what is the purpose of this script, intended audience, usefulness, and above all it must be customer-friendly. The only way you will know for sure if the script design is robust, but not overcomplicated, is to test all of your script designs both internally and externally. As mentioned, compare your new design to your competitors. Is it easier to use, have the correct options and flow, targeting the right audience? When was the last time you reviewed your IVR scripts or performed an analysis on containment rates? Look for a vendor like Primas who has 15 years of script design, development, consulting, and the expertise in migrating legacy IVR systems to new platforms.

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