Customer Service or Customer Rage?

Customer Service or Customer Rage?

This blog site has been focusing on the importance of providing great contact center customer service, and the added value of satisfying your customers the first time they contact you (first call resolution). One recent story (definitely not FCR) that particularly caught my attention was the disgruntled 78-year old customer of a cable company. She was so upset by her many attempts to get phone service she finally took matters into her own hands.

Inadequate customer service is regularly in the news. There is a consumer blog site called the Consumerist that is helping consumers with typical big (and small) business transactions and the resulting customer experience. One place you don’t want your company to be listed is the Consumerist “Worst Customer Service Ever.”  Take a look at what consumers are up against on a daily basis when you have a few spare minutes.

Although many companies offer consistently excellent customer service, the level of companies who don’t has created a new designation called customer rage. A 2004 National Customer Rage Study was issued by Arizona State University. It stated that 73% of people who “experienced a problem with a product or service… were extremely or very upset (defined as rage).” Reflecting back on our emphasis on first call resolution, the study reported that “it took customers an average of 4.3 contacts (called ping-ponging) to get their issue resolved. By that time, the aggravation and wasted time nullifies most resolution efforts.”

How you treat your customers; from internal staff to customer facing personnel, and that does include the contact center, is important to your bottom line. Giving your customer’s the best service is a key driver of brand loyalty and customer retention.

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