Defining Second Call Treatment

Defining Second Call Treatment

Repeat call tracking is a powerful first call resolution (FCR) measurement tool. It allows a business to define a second call treatment range, track FCR rates and automatically collect information that can be used to determine root causes of problems.

The greatest benefit to understanding second call treatment comes from available technology that can locate resources more easily. When a repeat caller is identified the caller can be transferred to an agent with specific training or a managed queue with the proper expertise. This has the benefit of using the extensive efficiency and optimization technology within the contact center queues to enhance performance.

Another way this can be achieved is by having the integrating software perform a series of automated data “dips”, to examine the database for the information needed to route the call to the proper agent.  Another possible benefit is the real-time notification to a CSR that a caller is indeed a repeat caller.  The CSR can immediately see a real-time screen pop on their desktop with valuable customer information.

You now have all of the data from the completed repeat call transaction and as far as you know, the customer is satisfied. How can you be sure? Invest in an automated IVR survey like the one that is included in the Primas Evolution FCR product solution.  As discussed in a previous post, an IVR survey captures the customer’s view of the call right after the interaction. Remember to close the loop all the way to the end and know for certain that you are doing a better job.

FCR is difficult to achieve, and when it is not you must have a plan for second call treatment. Primas offers the perfect solution for identifying and handling repeat callers with real-time desktop agent tools, management reports and follow up surveys that can give you the knowledge you need to satisfy and retain your valuable customers.

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