Implementing a First Call Resolution Process

Implementing a First Call Resolution Process

We have been discussing first call resolution (FCR) on this blog. A first call resolution solution should, at a minimum help you in evaluating and understanding your contact centers first call resolution rates, repeat caller trends, and the ability to apply a second call treatment plan to retain and balance the resulting customer experience. The underlying technology that assists you in this quest should be able to direct your repeat callers to the correct resource and provide important call information to your agents when developing a repeat call strategy.

You need the ability to gather and view your data. Many contact center systems and applications offer reports that can give you a glimpse into specific areas but do not give you the global view that is necessary to gauge your centers inclusive FCR effectiveness. You should be able to use a product that can give you top and bottom performance indicators for ACD groups, agents, and views into your centers overall success (or failure) rate. Low performance is the place you want to start your investigation and may give you the ability to identify port jamming, fraud, or other issues creating excessive traffic on the phone system. It is also the beginning for finding the possible cause for the low performance.

Identifying telephone numbers with excessive activity and visually identifying large call volumes from the same customer number or ANI can be used to identify fraud, telemarketing, mal-functioning auto dial systems, or other systemic troubles that could be locking up ports. This can also be used to identify ways to reorganize resources or routing schemes to redirect calls or change business strategy.

The goal of attaining first call resolution every time is not a realistic view of the real world. Putting technology into play helps you to identify and control repeat callers and implement a second call treatment strategy plan. Your planning will pay off when you use the technology to track and report your FCR improvements over time.

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