Get your agents functioning from home?

Primas helped the University of Washington Medical Center (ground zero of the COVID-19 outbreak in America) turn its Avaya center into an at-home operation in record time.



A solution to enable OMNICX features for your agents?

Primas CX can help to enable your agents to handle customer's requests via OMNI Channels in one place. The agents can reply to a chat conversation, reply to the customer's email, answer the phone call using the existing ACD queue management in one system.

A solution to enable OMNICX features for your customers?

Primas CX  allows your customer to contact your contact center via OMNI Channels such as web click-to-call, click-to-callback, email, chatbot, social network. or enhanced features such as screen sharing, video calls to assist the agent identifies and solves customer's issues quickly.

A screen-pop solution that easies to integrate into your existing ACD and CRM?

Primas CX includes screen pop via CTI integration into your ACD and Primas CX Web API to integrate into your existing IVR and CRM system to provide caller information to the agent.

A customer callback solution that easily integrates into your existing ACD?

Primas CX offers a callback package that only requires you to transfer the call to our callback application. The callback application then informs the customer about the estimated waiting time, how many people are waiting in a queue and offers to the customer the callback feature so that they don't need to wait on the line before talking with an agent.

A post-call survey solution that easies to integrate into your existing ACD?

Primas CX  offers the post-call survey solution. The survey application will conduct the survey and deliver the survey reports via a web interface or email with many flexible survey options.

A cloud survey solution that easies to implement with your existing ACD?

The cloud survey system just requires you to transfer the call to our cloud-based survey application - after the agent terminates the call. This extremely simple survey option doesn't require you to make any change to your ACD other than transferring the call to a phone number. We also offer the option to do a survey via email and text message.

A First Call Resolution (FCR) report to improve your customer experience?

Primas CX provides a comprehensive FCR report to help to identify and improve the customer's experience. Supporting data is collected by a simple CTI integration.

A solution to reconnect agent to the customer when the call dropped?

Primas CX offers a feature to reconnect the agent to the customer when the call dropped unexpectedly.

The professional consultant & development services?

To meet all of your business IVR, CTI & Speech programming and application development needs, we aim to partner with you and understand that contact center technology is ultimately a means to an end - to ensure the continued growth and success of your business through satisfied customers and efficient operations.

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