Additional Primas CX Apps

  • Social Media Messaging:  Love it or hate it, social media communication is here to stay.  At Primas we understand how important it is to communicate with your customers in the way that's most comfortable for them.  With Primas Social Media Messaging, agents and customers can communicate easily via commonly used social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp 

  • Social Media Monitoring:  In the U.S., studies show that 90% of customers tell their networks about their service experiences.  Per CCMC, dissatisfied customers tell about twice as many people about their negative experience than happy customers do about their positive experience.  How do they share the good or the bad?  Social media, of course!  The innovative Primas Social Media Monitoring tool facilitates sentiment analysis and informs agents via a “Social Care” pop of negative customer posts on social media, so their dissatisfaction can be addressed quickly 

  • Appointment Reminder Callback:  Are you stressed by customers who miss their pre-scheduled appointments?  Minimize the frustration of no-shows with Primas Appointment Reminder Callback.  This automated callback solution keeps your appointment calendar full by contacting your customers at user-defined times to remind them of upcoming appointments.  You can customize your message and send reminders at the intervals of your choice via phone, email, text or social media.  

  • Kari’s Law/Ray Baum’s Act Support:  These two statutes being implemented by the FCC make it easier for callers to reach 911 and for emergency services to locate the callers.  The Primas Kari's Law/Ray Baum's Act Support will automatically record when 911 calls are placed, to help E-911 service maintain compliance with these laws.  Feature coming soon.