Case Study

Time Warner Rochester

Time Warner Cable offers cutting edge digital technology, a rich range of home entertainment and information choices for the whole family to enjoy, and superior service that demonstrates customer satisfaction is their number one priority. TWC is the second‐largest cable operator in the U.S., with technologically advanced, well‐clustered systems located mainly in five geographic areas including the upstate Rochester, New York, customer contact center.

TWC came to Primas for assistance to automate several business functions to enable faster and efficient customer service and support. TWC supports thousands of regional customers that typically only request basic account information or service interruption assistance. This was occupying the majority of the TWC Support Center agent’s time. Agents could be better utilized handling customer issues that were more unusual or complex so a plan to offer automated, self-services to customers as well as remote technicians was developed. TWC gained effective IVR usage for their customer service operations, not just reducing costs but also to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

TWC - Service Restoration Notification System (SRNS)

Working with experienced Primas IVR and CTI specialists, TWC was able to offer more than simple self-service to their customers. One of the first components to be developed and installed into the new Service Restoration Notification System, or SRNS, was the ability to allow customers automated service outage information. Customers who are affected by an outage now have the option of having the IVR call them back when it is determined their service has been restored.

Additional automated self-service functions that are implemented include many customer accounts and billing information, PIN requests, and service status. Primas developed a full feature, self-service system that dramatically decreased calls concerning basic account and outage information requests. Utilizing TWC’s existing infrastructure that included an Aspect of CSS and ICOMS, Primas was able to architect additional functionality.

  • Appointment Availability Transaction - Allows appointment rescheduling without transferring the call to a ‘live’ agent.

  • Appointment Confirmation

  • Account Balance Inquiry

  • Balance Inquiry by Statement Code

  • Data Request – A telephone number or social security number is required for this transaction; the account number is not accepted. The Customer Billing Type is returned here; important depending upon Multi/Single/Commercial accounts.

  • Interactive Transaction - Information on Product Inventory Codes, Promotion Codes, Sub Accounts and Activity Codes.

  • PIN Number Request - Based on SSN for caller authentication.

  • Pay Per View Order - Order pay per view movies and events.

  • Pay Per View Information Request

  • Outage Verification

  • Remote Credit Card Payment

  • Add Service Work Order - Up to three services can be added per call.

  • Video on Demand

  • Service Status - Identifies whether or not a customer has had their service temporarily suspended for non-payment has not been identified.

Technician Functions

TWC technicians dial a number enter codes for a hidden menu. This unique menu offers the technician functions such as Work Order Completion and Technician Payment Posting and Reporting. Technicians reporting functions have the option to transfer to a dispatcher, supervisor or any other internal extension. Logging reports are maintained on who accessed the system and what function they performed each time they call.

  • The Work Order Completion application allows TWC technicians to disposition work orders from any telephone eliminating the need for expensive handheld terminals.

  • Technician Payment Posting and Reporting - Designed for technicians to simplify report payment against work orders; beneficial for technicians minimizing their trips back to the office.

  • Equipment Change - Update customer equipment from field technicians.

  • Technician Cash Batch Entry – Update payments from field technicians.

  • Non-Pay Soft Disconnect Reauthorization - Update service status.