Consolidated Reporting Engine (CRE)

How many times a day does a client choose a menu or option?

How many clients find the information they need from your IVR?

Primas’ Consolidated Reporting Engine (CRE) is the only application on the market that can take reports from multiple platforms (that don’t speak to each other) and compile them into a single, easy-to-read report that details everything you need to know.

CRE is perfect for environments built through acquisitions and mergers of other companies and globally dispersed contact centers.

Here are a few of its features.

Consolidates IVR Data from:

  • Intervoice

  • Nortel (Open IVR)

  • Aspect

  • Avaya

  • Periphonics VPS Family

  • Other ODBC Compliant Sources

Crystal Reports

  • Analyze data quickly - Graphical view of call data

  • Total calls

  • Peak hours

  • Hour, minimum, average, maximum

  • Traffic by port

    • Total calls

    • Average length

    • Total busy time

    • Without traffic

  • Customer time in IVR

  • Charts of calls by completion reason