FCR Analysis Snapshot

What Is the FCR Analysis Snapshot?
Primas FCR Analysis Snapshot is a free service that will enable you to view what your actual FCR percentage rate is for a one week (seven day) period of time. It can automatically identify key performance metrics that will give you a basic understanding of where your contact center benchmarks compared to other contact centers.

At the end of the seven day collection period, Primas will compile the data collected into a meaningful report. We will send you the report in a few days and the report will give you a “snapshot” view of your first call resolution rates:

   • Display the overall FCR rate for the entire contact center.
   • Display the top five repeat callers ANI and account number.
   • Drill down data on your top five repeat callers. 

Why Are We Offering FCR Analysis Snapshot?
Primas is offering this free service because we have learned that many contact centers have not implemented a first call resolution plan and may not realize its importance. Repeat calls are costly not only to operations and the bottom line, but they negatively impact customer satisfaction. The report will compare your data using an established industry level for FCR rates.

How Does FCR Analysis Snapshot Work?
Primas has built an easy to use video that will enable you to quickly collect the data we need to process your own FCR Analysis Snapshot reports. 

   • Complete the customer application form 
   • Visit the URL that will be returned to you in an email
   • Follow the instructions on the Web page

It’s that simple. So what are you waiting for? Get started!