Vaccine Scheduling Software

What’s in it for the Consultant – Help Your Clients Conquer the Chaos

ScheduleNOW COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Software was originally developed and implemented at the request of one of the initial 150 vaccine deployment facilities in the USA.  A comprehensive set of features was developed to handle the complexities of efficient vaccine scheduling.  We are now pleased to offer this solution worldwide.  


With its rich set of features comes a number of parameters that need to be configured, and that’s where you come in.  If you have current or even prior clients who maybe administering the vaccine, Primas can provide the software they need and manage the implementation.  We look to you, the consultant, to guide your client in setting the program parameters for their unique situations, including:

  • Call/Data flows and design for self service automation

  • Work flow design, capacity planning, alternate channels of communication needed, if not already omni-channel

  • Gathering of data regarding the number of locations, number of people administering vaccinations, number of appointments that can be handled per hour, brands of vaccine being administered, etc.

  • Documentation for database input and retrieval requirements

  • Specific requirements for reminders or rescheduling via chat, SMS, or email

  • Messaging content 

  • Specific information about vaccine recipients that needs to be captured pre-appointment

  • Reports needed for recording of vaccination data – who, when, which vaccine, etc.

  • Requirements/design for integration with existing contact center and IT systems

  • User portal customization, if needed

  • Identification of potential new technologies needed to supplement self-service and handle the impact on their existing contact center operation due to the huge increase in activity

Many vaccine deployment facilities are in crisis.  Administrators are overburdened, have no experience with this type of situation and don’t know where to turn. People are upset, and lives are on the line.  


This could be your opportunity to save the day.

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ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software is a web-based self-service scheduling tool that schedules BOTH of the required vaccination appointments within the mandatory time parameters. This flexible solution operates on premise or in the cloud and supports multiple vaccination brands in multiple locations all with one system, as well as offering data integration to HL7 and PCI compliance. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software can be implemented as a stand-alone package deployed in just one day upon completion of site configurations, OR in conjunction with external UC and contact center systems.  

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