Primas iTools

Deploy and Regress Aspect CSS Application and Prompt changes 
quickly and easily from One Location!

Primas iTools allows a user - without vast Unix experience - to manage multiple AP & TS Servers from a single program installed on the Runtime Server. From this central location you can deploy any number of applications and prompts to any number of servers in you contact center.


  • Facilitates both application and prompt deployment to multiple Run Time & Telephony Servers

  • Provides management of prompts between Unix and Windows

  • Deployment of both Applications and Prompts from a single place(Open IVR)

  • Deployment from a single menu (running on the Run Time Server)

  • Facilitates integration of 3rd party prompts

  • Creates Backups during each prompt deployment

  • Provides prompt regression

itool use diagram3.gif


  • Aspect IVR/Telephony Servers Versions 6 and 7

  • Requires that SFU (Services For Unix 3.5)

  • FTP must be installed, with a website directory defined as the landing location

  • 3rd party TAR (free-ware) must be installed to open Unix archives

Primas iTools saves the time and frustration that you experience when making changes to your system!