Primas iTools |  Application Deployment

In the world of Aspect IVRs, Applications are the custom-built programs that control the IVR menus on Aspect CSS Run Time Servers.

Typically, administrators are in charge of the management and organization that keeps Run-Time Server Applications in sync. And when multiple Run Time servers are involved, this job can be lengthy and cumbersome. This is why Primas iTools was created.

The Primas iTools application provides the ability to manage multiple Run Time Servers from one console - which is much faster than the arduous process of deploying application changes to each server individually.

As a precaution, Primas iTools creates a backup of all pre-existing applications before it deploys any new applications. This feature gives the IVR management team peace of mind, by allowing them to quickly and easily return their applications to their pre-update state. For those looking to test out improvements to their IVR call flow, this feature is a dream come true.

Application Archive & Delivery

Applications are archived and delivered to multiple Run Time servers through the use of an auto-loading script called an SAI File.

If an auto-update is selected as part of the process, this file is used to configure the application to run every time the system is rebooted. This SAI script can also unload the currently running application to immediately load & start your chosen application in its place.

The applications are delivered via TAR and may be deployed on one or all Run Time servers. If an update is selected, the applications are deployed on delivery to the Run-Time server.  


The backups that are made before the new application is deployed & loaded in its place are also used to provide the administrator with the ability to rewind/regress to a previous version of an application. These backup directories are listed in date & time order and menus facilitate the deployment of an older application.

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