Post Contact Survey

The flexible Primas CX Post Contact Survey solution can be implemented in a variety of ways to meet your specific requirements. 

Choose from: 

A Simple Cloud Survey Solution 

  • Provides basic information on the health of the contact center and general customer satisfaction 

  • Surveys can be accomplished in a matter of hours 


An Automated Survey solution integrated with Primas CX on-premise 

  • Provides detailed agent and queue information with the ability to extend to omni-channel interaction surveys 

  • May be conducted automatically upon contact completion OR 

  • Scheduled callback surveys can be implemented at a later time 

  • Reports the results in multiple formats 

  • Identifies areas where your contact center shines and areas where improvement is warranted 

An Intelligent Survey 

  • Surveys specific types of activity – long calls, repeat calls, first call resolutions, etc. 

  • Used for root cause analysis 

Call Center Headset

Primas CX Post Contact Survey captures the Voice of the Customer how you need it and when you need it, providing feedback that will help you satisfy your customers, monitor your employees and measure your contact center success. 

When you implement Primas CX Post Contact Survey, you’ll be in good company. This flexible solution is used by contact centers of all sizes – including some of the most sophisticated contact centers in the world. 

PRIMAS CX Post Contact Survey Sample Reports

Lowest Scoring Agents.tiff
Satisfaction Overview.tiff
Summary of Monthly Surveys Initiated.tif
Summary by Day of Week.tif
Summary by Hour.tif