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Avaya EC-500 Home Agent

Updated: Feb 21

Avaya EC-500 Home Agent

Challenge: While working with a medical client in Washington state during the outbreak of COVID-19, our client needed a quick response economical solution that could be deployed if necessary to let agents work at home if things got worse – and they did!

Avaya’s EC 500 (extension to cellular) is a standard feature available on all systems starting 6.2 forward, for individuals who wish to have the convenience of pairing their cellular phone with their office phone so that a single number can reach them either way.

Problem: This feature could be used for agents, however Cell phones do not have Agent Feature buttons!


PrimasCX was previously installed at the site for Screen pops, OmniChannel deployment and customer CallBacks.

Through CTI, PrimasCX is fully aware of the call center activities and is therefore able to extend this knowledge as needed to remote agents

With the help of a WEB PORTAL on the PrimascX server, Remote Agents at home are able to perform 3rd party call control for their cell calls through a click on web page.

PrimasCX accepts these clicks and converts them to either CTI messages or Feature Number Extensions (FNE) calls from the asterisk.

Service Features and Benefits

Standard Agent Features (Using Primas Web App):

· Login/Logout without a desk phone required

· Work Modes (Ready, Aux, Wrap, etc.)

· Transfer

· Realtime Queue Dashboards for Agent / Supervisors


· No Additional hardware required

· Any home phone can be used

· Operational in as little as 2 days

Note: PrimasCX is a fully functional Customer Experience pack that also includes additional enhancements which are not fully discussed but are available for an additional license fee. Omni-Channel, Web Integration, FreedomQ Call Back, Surveys, Screen Sharing, Video Calling are just a few additional enhancements that are immediately available once installed.

System Requirements


Avaya CM 6.2 or above

EC 500 Feature

AES CTI Interface channel

SIP Trunk for Asterisk VM Connection

Trunk capacity for each @home Agent (PSTN / SIP)


VMWare VM capacity (Server, Asterisk, Test Agent)

Remote Access to VMs

Test Phone number to dial in

Test Queue with Test agent VM assigned

Firewall (ports opened) modifications.


Primas offers 24x7 technical support from USA and Asia.


This solution integrates with the system in a passive approach and does not require any restarts or downtime.


Primas provides 100% turnkey solutions including professional services if required.

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