Virtually eliminate long hold times in other call center queues 

Tired of waiting in other Call Center queues for what could be hours on end - literally? At Primas, we know you have better things to do with your time, and we can help you get back to doing what you need to do with our unique Pre-Dial solution. Primas Pre-Dial reduces hold times to approximately 30 seconds by scheduling a call back from this groundbreaking Cloud service that monitors hold times of registered call centers. It’s a perfect solution for interactions with busy industries that often have extended hold times. 

  • Saves countless man hours and lost revenue waiting in other companies’ queues 

  • Can be implemented for individual interactions or for outbound campaigns 

  • Installs in just one day 

  • Achieves ROI in months – not years! 



Primas Pre-Dial package is architected with 2 primary components – a centralized cloud service that monitors registered call center hold times, and a local service that leverages the cloud component for outbound campaigns or ad hoc requests. The Cloud Service is a universal database of hold times, while the Local Services provide customized campaigns for each client. 

  • Can operate stand-alone or blended with your existing agents 

  • Integrates with any CRM system for screen pops 

  • Can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud 

  • Leverages reporting with your current platform 

  • Easy to add new call centers for monitoring – the list is growing daily! 

How Pre-Dial Works in a Medical Authorization System