Primas ReconX

Automatically reconnect your call center agents with disconnected callers with just the click of a button!


Improves Customer Experience


Increases Customer Retention


Reduces Customer Frustration

In this imperfect world, mistakes will happen despite your best efforts. Plan for those unexpected drops and provide a way to take care of your customers when they occur. Accomplish this easily with Primas ReconX

How it works

  • If a caller gets disconnected while the caller is speaking with an agent, a small pop up window is presented to the agent.

  • Agents then have 3 seconds (configurable) to click the button

  • Upon clicking, Primas FreedomQ automatically places an outbound call to the disconnected caller, verifies them, and then reconnects them to the SAME agent

Benefits to your organization

  • Customer - reduces frustrations and improves experience

  • Agent – improves agent performance and morale

  • Operations – reduces hold time, tolls and infrastructure requirements

For a limited time, trials are available, so don't wait, get started today!

ReconX is an ideal tool for enhancing the customer experience in any contact center.  It’s especially valuable for organizations that are struggling to cope with the influx of activity related to COVID-19 vaccination appointments.  See how ScheduleNOW, our Vaccine Scheduling Software for COVID-19, can incorporate ReconX to improve the customer and agent experience.




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