Primas ReconX

Automatically reconnect your call center agents with disconnected callers with just the click of a button!


Improves Customer Experience


Increases Customer Retention


Reduces Customer Frustration

In this imperfect world, mistakes will happen despite your best efforts. Plan for those unexpected drops and provide a way to take care of your customers when they occur. Accomplish this easily with Primas ReconX

How it works

  • If a caller gets disconnected while the caller is speaking with an agent, a small pop up window is presented to the agent.

  • Agents then have 3 seconds (configurable) to click the button

  • Upon clicking, Primas FreedomQ automatically places an outbound call to the disconnected caller, verifies them, and then reconnects them to the SAME agent

Benefits to your organization

  • Customer - reduces frustrations and improves experience

  • Agent – improves agent performance and morale

  • Operations – reduces hold time, tolls and infrastructure requirements

For a limited time, trials are available, so don't wait, get started today!