Vaccine Scheduling Software for C19 

By Primas Group 


Healthcare providers, pharmacies, and vaccine administration sites around the Country are gearing up immediately to administer the new C19 vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible 

It seems like the support mechanisms are all falling into place.  

BUT there is one very important piece that may be missing – Vaccine Scheduling Software that can support the requirements of the multi-injection, time-sensitive requirements for the vaccine to be effective.

Today’s scheduling tools can do a great job where there is one appointment with potential follow-ups later on.  But the C19 Vaccine has a very rigid window of time between the first and second injection.  This additional level of complexity requires a tool that goes beyond the typical functionality.

Couple that with the fact that the vaccination sites will be swamped with more appointments being made than they have ever dealt with previously – and it all has to be handled in record time. 

These providers need a solution that:

  • ​Can be implemented quickly and easily

  • Works in a web-based self-service environment

  • Doesn’t require a large investment

  • Ensures providers can meet multi-injection requirement

  • Provides on-site verification

  • Sends SMS follow-up reminders

  • Provides data integration to external systems

  • Can stand alone or be integrated

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software

ENTER Primas Group’s New ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software for C19 Vaccination Appointments, the web-based self-service Vaccination Appointment System that schedules BOTH of the required vaccinations within the mandatory time parameters.  This “made-for-C19-vaccine” software package provides on-site verification and ad-hoc scheduling management complete with follow-up reminders via email, SMS or phone call.  Vaccination appointments can be rescheduled easily or canceled by the patient through various multi-media channels without taking the valuable time of the administration site staff. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software can be implemented as a stand-alone package deployed in just one day upon completion of site configurations, OR in conjunction with external UC and contact center systems – including the Primas ground-breaking Primas CX Suite of Contact Center applications.  Originally developed for one of the initial 150 C19 vaccine deployment facilities in the USA, this flexible solution operates on-premise or in the cloud. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software also supports multiple vaccination brands in multiple locations all with one system, as well as offering data integration to HL7 and PCI compliance. 

Self service appointment


Step 1: Select dose 1 appointment date time​


Step 2: Select dose 2 appointment date time​


Step 3: Confirm appointment

Backoffice calendar view


Appointment list


Configure Office and vaccine information


Vaccine Scheduling Software for C19

What’s in it for the Consultant – Help Your Clients Conquer the Chaos

ScheduleNOW C19 Vaccine Scheduling Software was originally developed and implemented at the request of one of the initial 150 C19 vaccine deployment facilities in the USA.  A comprehensive set of features was developed to handle the complexities of efficient vaccine scheduling.  We are now pleased to offer this solution worldwide.  


With its rich set of features comes a number of parameters that need to be configured, and that’s where you come in.  If you have current or even prior clients who maybe administering the C19 vaccine, Primas can provide the software they need and manage the implementation.  We look to you, the consultant, to guide your client in setting the program parameters for their unique situations, including:

  • Call/Data flows and design for self service automation

  • Work flow design, capacity planning, alternate channels of communication needed, if not already omni-channel

  • Gathering of data regarding the number of locations, number of people administering vaccinations, number of appointments that can be handled per hour, brands of vaccine being administered, etc.

  • Documentation for database input and retrieval requirements

  • Specific requirements for reminders or rescheduling via chat, SMS, or email

  • Messaging content 

  • Specific information about vaccine recipients that needs to be captured pre-appointment

  • Reports needed for recording of vaccination data – who, when, which vaccine, etc.

  • Requirements/design for integration with existing contact center and IT systems

  • User portal customization, if needed

  • Identification of potential new technologies needed to supplement self-service and handle the impact on their existing contact center operation due to the huge increase in activity

Many vaccine deployment facilities are in crisis.  Administrators are overburdened, have no experience with this type of situation and don’t know where to turn. People are upset, and lives are on the line.  


This could be your opportunity to save the day.

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software is a web-based self-service scheduling tool that schedules BOTH of the required vaccination appointments within the mandatory time parameters. This flexible solution operates on premise or in the cloud and supports multiple vaccination brands in multiple locations all with one system, as well as offering data integration to HL7 and PCI compliance. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software can be implemented as a stand-alone package deployed in just one day upon completion of site configurations, OR in conjunction with external UC and contact center systems.  

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Vaccine Scheduling Software Case Study 

Medical Organization

Primas helps large medical facility administer C19 vaccine quickly and efficiently

As the CDC prepared for their initial roll-out of the C19 vaccine, a large medical organization in the Pacific Northwest received word that they had been selected as one of the first 150 medical organizations authorized to administer the vaccine.  With that news, the organization realized there was no time to waste.

vaccine scheduling software app


Their first action was a review of their current EMR software to determine if it would accommodate the specific complexities of C19 Vaccine Scheduling:

  • Self-service and easy for patients and administrators to use

  • Ability to book both first dose and second dose appointments in one session

  • Support for multiple vaccine brands and their required timeframes between doses

  • Real time booking of open slots over multiple sites

  • Simple implementation taking a short period of time

  • Patient communications issued via SMS, email and phone

  • Vaccine shipment tracking from storage facility to vaccination sites

  • Scheduling of last-minute appointments to ensure that no vaccines are left un-administered

  • Scheduling flexibility when booking second doses at the same time as first doses

  • Adherence to regulatory and reporting requirements

  • Extends the self-service process to rescheduling of appointments

  • Doesn’t break the bank  

That’s a lot to ask!  Unfortunately, the medical organization’s current solution was not able to provide what they needed, so they had to look beyond their tools already in place. 

The medical organization couldn’t find an ideal vaccine scheduling software package off the shelf, however, and they didn’t have the luxury of spending time and money to have a solution created for them. 

vaccine scheduling software office

THE SOLUTION - Vaccine Scheduling Sofware For C19

That’s when their Director of Communication Technologies thought of their current contact center solutions provider – Primas Group – who also had a scheduling tool.  Primas immediately developed a prototype that met all their requirements, and ScheduleNOW C19 Vaccine Scheduling software was born.

Primas Group’s extensive background in contact center applications coupled with their ability to quickly enhance their existing scheduling tool meant that the medical organization was up and running with a fully tested and functional Vaccine Scheduling software solution in just 10 days!

vaccine scheduling software thumbs up


After the initial implementation, Primas was on-hand every step of the way to make edits or add new capabilities as unanticipated challenges arose.  Within 30 days, more than 40,000 vaccinations had been successfully scheduled, administered and recorded with the ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software – and the medical facility’s senior management was thrilled with what they had been able to accomplish over such a short period of time. 

All the vaccine scheduling features created for this organization were automatically incorporated into the standard solution that was then made available to facilities administering the C19 vaccine across North America.

Vaccine Scheduling Software Walk Through

Vaccine Scheduling Software Patient Experience Video

Capabilities, Features, and Screenshots of the End User and Back Office Administration of Vaccine Scheduling Software

We hope you’ll enjoy this brief video that provides a guided step-by-step tour through the self-service C19 Vaccine Scheduling process offered by ScheduleNOW.  Your patients will love the ease and speed of scheduling their vaccinations when you implement our Vaccine Scheduling software.    

Vaccine Scheduling Software Briefing