Vaccine Scheduling Software for COVID-19 

By Primas Group 


Healthcare providers, pharmacies, and vaccine administration sites around the Country are gearing up immediately to administer the new COVID-19 vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible 

It seems like the support mechanisms are all falling into place.  

BUT there is one very important piece that may be missing – Vaccine Scheduling Software that can support the requirements of the multi-injection, time-sensitive requirements for the vaccine to be effective.

Today’s scheduling tools can do a great job where there is one appointment with potential follow-ups later on.  But the COVID-19 Vaccine has a very rigid window of time between the first and second injection.  This additional level of complexity requires a tool that goes beyond the typical functionality.

Couple that with the fact that the vaccination sites will be swamped with more appointments being made than they have ever dealt with previously – and it all has to be handled in record time. 

These providers need a solution that:

  • ​Can be implemented quickly and easily

  • Works in a web-based self-service environment

  • Doesn’t require a large investment

  • Ensures providers can meet multi-injection requirement

  • Provides on-site verification

  • Sends SMS follow-up reminders

  • Provides data integration to external systems

  • Can stand alone or be integrated

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software

ENTER Primas Group’s New ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software for COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments, the web-based self-service Vaccination Appointment System that schedules BOTH of the required vaccinations within the mandatory time parameters.  This “made-for-Covid-19-vaccine” software package provides on-site verification and ad-hoc scheduling management complete with follow-up reminders via email, SMS or phone call.  Vaccination appointments can be rescheduled easily or canceled by the patient through various multi-media channels without taking the valuable time of the administration site staff. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software can be implemented as a stand-alone package deployed in just one day upon completion of site configurations, OR in conjunction with external UC and contact center systems – including the Primas ground-breaking Primas CX Suite of Contact Center applications.  Originally developed for one of the initial 150 COVID-19 vaccine deployment facilities in the USA, this flexible solution operates on premise or in the cloud. 

ScheduleNOW Vaccine Scheduling Software also supports multiple vaccination brands in multiple locations all with one system, as well as offering data integration to HL7 and PCI compliance. 

Self service appointment

Step 1: Select dose 1 appointment date time​


Step 2: Select dose 2 appointment date time​


Step 3: Confirm appointment

Backoffice calendar view


Appointment list


Configure Office and vaccine information


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