WebFQ is a click-to-be-called solution that integrates your website with your contact center, making it easy and convenient for potential and existing customers to connect with the proper department. 


How it works

WebFQ provides an easy to deploy, easy to use click-to-be-called widget to your website. 

  • Customers simply complete a few fields and then submit the form 

  • Their contact information is then placed into the appropriate department queue 

  • When it is their turn to speak with an agent, an outbound call is placed by FreedomQ

  • The caller is then verified and transferred to the next available agent

Primas CX WebFQ Click to Call done right!

Convenience delivered via click-to-be-called technology

  • Improve Conversations

  • Increase Customer Retention

  • Enhance Operational Performance

  • Improve Operational ROI

  • Reduce Agent Turnover

Benefits to your agents 

  • Happy customers make happy agents; happy agents retain customers 

  • Reduce customer frustrations and positively impact agent performance 

  • Improve performance, increase conversions and upsells, and reduce agent and customer churn

Benefits to existing and potential customers

  • Helps website visitors get answers quickly and easily

  • Allows visitors to do what they want with their time, instead of waiting on hold


Benefits To Your Organization

  • Helps you convert website visitors into sales by making it easy for them to connect with a live person 

  • Improves the customer experience, increases satisfaction and reduces churn 

  • Helps you increase the ROI of your infrastructure by building on your existing IVR/CTI/ACD technology 

  • Frees up ports and reduces toll charges by getting customers to the right agents when they become available 

  • Improves the overall operation of your contact center